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Education For School Leaders

Mastermind Educator Agency turns school leaders into education visionaries who impact teachers, students, and communities through strong values and productivity, while finding balance and overcoming obstacles.

Our Mission

Realizing your vision for the school you lead hinges on becoming the best version of yourself: balanced, present, visible, and the model of educational best practices – a leader and continuous learner who connects and collaborates with students, staff, and families. It’s a noble but difficult goal, given the high demands and daily hurdles of educating the leaders, workers, and teachers of the future. Our purpose is to help education professionals and school leaders define their goals, vision, and values and streamline their processes to achieve breakthrough results while collaborating with and learning from a vast network of leaders from across the country.

Your Obstacles

Staffing issues, discipline problems, students in crisis and struggling with trauma, deadlines, formal observations and evaluations, paperwork, upset parents. These hurdles and more impact your time and performance, keeping you from achieving your professional goals and vision for your school.

Our Solutions

At the Mastermind Educator Agency (MEA), class is in session. Reveal Your Path For Educators, an eight-week Mastermind Group program, is an opportunity to tap into and learn from a collective of driven and successful administrators and school leaders.

Participants will enhance their leadership styles to inspire staff and students and benefit their school and culture for years to come. We will focus on processes and best practices to put systems in place that will allow you to operate at your peak performance. You will find balance and be prepared to handle any obstacle presented while realizing your goals and vision.

Here’s what you can expect from our course:

  • 1 initial Clarity Call to learn how MEA can help you realize your goals.
  • 1 activity for the first four weeks (1 hr a week on your own).
  • 1 Mastermind call for four weeks (1 hr conference call or Skype).
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Call with MEA.
  • Accountability connections with other members in the group.
  • Culminating Mastermind call in week 8 (Groups are capped at 6 participants to maximize the experience for each member).
  • You will create a plan to find balance, gain clarity, execute at your highest level, focus on and implement leadership best practices, and discuss the skills and habits of some of the top performers in the world in many industries.
  • Closed social media group connecting current and past participants.
  • Daily tips, tools, and tactics emailed throughout the week to support each activity.

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